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Written by Gideon Goh   
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 00:21

Don't Underestimate Multiple Choice Questions

As a student taking the O-level Physics exams, you must familiarised yourself to the exam format. This can be easily done by looking into past years' exam papers.

The O-level Physics exam consists mainly of two written papers and a practical exam. This article serves to highlight to students the importance of doing well in Paper 1, i.e. the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), which most students tend to treat it too lightly.

Multiple Choice Questions are "easy" to most students because (i) they do not need to show working when solving the questions, (ii) the answer is already there (albeit 3 wrong ones and only 1 correct answer), and (iii) even if they do not know the correct answer, they can make rational "guesses" by eliminating out the wrong answers (although sometimes the correct answer got eliminated instead).

As a full-time Physics tutor of many years, I felt it my responsibilityto sound this alarm - DON'T YOU EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE MCQs !

And my reasons are as follows.

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Students' BIGGEST Complain About Physics

Having taught the subject of Physics at the O-levels and the A-levels for many years, I have heard many complaints and grouses from studentsregarding the subject. These complaints and grouses range from incompetent and boring Physics teachers in schools, finding the subject totallyboring, hating Physics altogether, etc., etc., etc.

However, the biggest complaint (and frustration) students have regarding Physics is that they are NOT getting the results they desiredespite having dedicated many, manyhours of effort into the subject. What's worse is that most of these students do not even know whytheir hard work and effort are not paying off.

If you can identify with what I have just written, then I urge you to read the rest of this article.

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Written by Gideon Goh   
Sunday, 11 July 2010 16:01

Why Do Students Hate Physics

Most of us would fondly recall having received an education in Science at some point in our school lives. In fact, we are most likely to have been introduced to the subject of Science when we were in our upper primary school years. As we progressed into secondary schools, we quickly realised that Science is further catergorised into three different subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In all my years of teaching and tutoring students in the subject of Physics, I've found that there is indeed two extremely polarised groups of students as far as the subject is concerned - those who absolutely love the subject and those who simply hated it. The students who loved Physics feel that the subject is fun and can relate how Physics helps to explain how things work in our daily lives. These students also tend to be doing fine as far as the subject is concerned. On the other hand, the students who hated the subject view it as a waste of time and effort. Given the chance, they will probably drop the subject in the blink of an eye.

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Written by Gideon Goh   
Sunday, 11 July 2010 15:56

Why Learn Physics

Having taught Physics, both as a school teacher and as a private tutor, for many years, one of the most common question a student can ask me is, "Why do I need to learn Physics? It is so tough."

Many students dislike the learning of Physics for a variety of reasons. Some dislike Physics because their school teacher is not able to teach the subject well. Others dislike Physics because they simply do not like the Sciences. Still others dislike the subject because they could not see how studying this subject is going to benefit them.

Just as there are many reasons why one may dislike the subject of Physics, there are equally many reasons why we should learn Physics. I shall try to list the more important few below.

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