Gideon Goh

O-Level Physics Tutor

Every year, 2 out of 3 of my students got a Distinction for their O-Level Physics paper
“For the year 2024, I am looking for a few good but underperforming students to personally coach, mentor and train, so that they can achieve what these students of mine have achieved! Are you game enough for my challenge ?”

- Gideon Goh
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Gideon Goh
⬤ Bachelor Of Engineering (Electrical), National University of Singapore, 1992.

⬤ Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Physics & Math), National Institue of Education (Ministry of Education), 2000.

⬤ Providing Physics & Math Tuition for O-level and A-level students in Singapore since 1988. Personally tutored more than 300 students on a one-to-one basis over the past 30 years.

⬤ MBTI trained.

⬤ Provding physics tuition since 1988.

⬤ Was former Physics teacher at Upper Serangoon Secondary School. Taught O-level Physics to both the hearing impaired students and mainstream students in the school.

⬤ Worked as a oil refinery engineer prior to becoming a school teacher.
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Physics Evangelist

I am Gideon Goh. I provide O-level physics tuition to students who have given up on physics and to students who want to do better. I am a physics evangelist who believes that a passion for physics can be nurtured and scoring distinction is just a by product of that passion to learn. Physics is the king of all sciences. It helps us to understand how nature works. Once a student sees the connection between nature and physics and how the laws of physics are applied in every day life, his interest is sparked and learning physics becomes a fun activity. Many students confessed that they look forward to their private physics tuition from me.  I have many students, far too many to count, who have given up on physics become passionate about learning physics and go on to become champion students.

If you are underperforming, do not despair. All underperforming students can be coached to do better - a lot better, not just better. Every 2 out 3 of my students score a distinction in physics every year.  You may have a lot of questions about my private physics tuition. I hope that the following FAQs will answer your questions. If not, please give me a call at 8157 6308

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How long have you been a tuition teacher?

I started tuition in 1988, as an engineering undergraduate in the National University of Singapore (NUS). I tutored O-level and A-level students in Physics and Math, which are the two school academic subjects that I am most passionate about. These are also the two subjects that I excel in as compared to my other subjects in school. At that time, tuition was a means of supplementing my income for my daily expenses. It was also during this period that I discovered I have a love for sharing what I know and a flair for teaching others.

Q2. Have you always been a full-time tutor?

No, I started my working life as a Control and Instrument Engineer. I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1992, majoring in the field of Control Engineering and Instrumentation. It is also in this field that I saw how the laws and principles that we learned in Physics are applied everyday in the real world industries. It is also with this engineering experience that I have a competitive advantage over most other Physics teachers and tutors who are generally only equipped with pure academic knowledge but not much practical applications of the knowledge. As such, I am not only able to impart the academic knowledge to my students, but also interest them further by showing them how Physics is applied in our everyday lives in the real world. Such extra sharing makes my lessons more interesting, fun and fulfilling for my students.

Q3. Then how did you become a full-time tutor?

Although I started off as an engineer, I have always been a tutor on a part-time basis. After a number of years in the engineering world, I decided that I would be a full-time tuition teacher. This decision is based solely more on the understanding of my own personality. I did not quite like to work for other people. Tuition provided me a path into the world of small enterprise. Its pay out financially is pretty good, and I have more flexibility in managing my own time. Simply put, I am my own boss.

Q4. How well do your students fare in their exam results?

I have been tutoring for more than 20 years and have taught in excess of 300 students on a one-to-one basis. I started my tuition enterprise even way before the internet came into being.

If I were to tell you that all my students scored distinctions in their exams, I'll probably be one of the greatest liars in the world.
The truth is most of my students did very well enough to get into the institute of higher learning of their choice after their O-levels. Some got into junior colleges, others into the various polytechnics, etc. And most of them got into the course that they want.
When I say that my students did well, I am referring to an A1 or A2 grade. Yes, there are those who only fared a B3 grade but these students were a total washout (getting F9) in Physics before they came to me for help.

All in all, the majority of my students experience drastic improvement in their Physics score.

Q5. Were you also a school teacher?

Yes. I graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) specialising in the teaching of Physics and Math from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2000. I taught Physics to the hearing impaired and mainstream students at Upper Serangoon Secondary School for a brief period. I was able to teach the hearing impaired Physics and Math because I knew sign language. The school has since merged with another secondary school.
This may sound boastful but if I am able to teach the hearing impaired students Physics and Math, do you think I will not able to help you ?

Q6. Are you selective of students?

Yes. But solely on one factor, i.e. you MUST seriously want to do well in the subject.
Over the years as a tutor, I have "sacked" a few students because they are simply not keen on the subject and the tuition. They simply take up the tuition because of their parents insistence. When I "sacked" these students, I truthfully told them (and their parents) not to waste their time and money, and also not to waste my time.

That's because for every student taking up my tuition time but who's not serious with it, there's another student out there wanting my tuition time and who WILL BE SERIOUS with it.

In short, (and I apologise if I come across as being blunt) if you (or your child) is not truly serious about the tuition, please don't even call me.
But if you are committed to making the tuition a success, please don't hesitate to call me up for a FREE phone consultation or to answer your enquiries.

Q7. What makes the tuition a success?

Tuition is more than just teaching a child. It is a chemistry, a bond between the tutor imparting the knowledge and the student receiving that knowledge. When the chemistry between the tutor and the student is strong, the learning becomes accelerated. Without this chemistry, tuition can sometimes become a big dread for both the tutor and the student.

And truth be told, not all students like and enjoy my way and style of teaching, although the great majority of them do.

For those who don't, their tuition with me generally only last a few lessons. But for those who enjoy my tuition, they tend to stick with me for years. In fact, I have tutored a few families whose siblings and cousins are all taught by me over a period of 8 years (i.e. I taught the brother for Sec. 3, O-level, Pre-U1 and A-level after which I taught the sister for Sec. 3, O-level, Pre-U1 and A-level).

Now that's quite a fair bit of time.

Q8. Why should I choose you?

You needn't choose me if you don't want to. And yes, there are many good tutors out there but will they strike the right chemistry with you or your child as far as tuition is concerned ?

My advice to you is simply this. If you feel another tutor can help you or your child better than me, please use his services. And stick with him. Don't go tutor hopping. Because at the end of the day, what we all want is for you or your child to do well in their exams.

But if you feel you'll like to try me out but are still unsure, try out my 1st Trial Lesson for only $50. Just pay me for the first trial lesson, then decide if you'll want to carry on tuition with me. If you decide YES, then I'll start the regular billing fees with the next lesson following the 1st Trial Lesson. If you decide NO, then we end tuition then and there; no binding contracts, no obligation for both parties, no tie-me-downs for you and me.

Q9. Do you offer free trials?

No. Never. And never will. And my reason is simple.
Offering free trials attracts free-loaders, tire-kickers and all kinds of students / parents who are not serious with the tuition but who only want freebies in life.

I am not going to dishonour any of my fellow hard-working, honest and integrity-laden tutors out there who are trying their very best to help you or your child do better in their studies by offering free trial lessons. As it is, this industry has already been muddied by many unscrupulous people who only want a quick buck but do not have your (or your child's) interest at heart.

Get real. And I apologise here if I comes across as rude and insulting but if my $50 1st Trial Lesson Offer is too much for you to pay, then you're probably not serious with my services. After all, my regular fees is more than $50 per lesson.

But I believe that if you are matured enough, you'll be able to empathise with my stance. After all, you won't work for your boss for free, will you ?

Q10. What is your greatest achievement as a private tutor?

Every career comes with it a fair share of joys and disappointments. My greatest achievements and joy as a private tutor over the years is to see my students excel in Physics and Math, to do well enough in their O-level and A-level exams to pursue higher education in an institute and course of their choice.
This is all the more so for students who come to me as a total academic washout for these two subjects. Then after months of hard work on both sides (the student and me), they see dramatic improvement and finally getting excellent grades which they never ever dreamed they could attain.
Getting the good grades is one thing. It's just a means of keeping score. But the bigger joy is that I get to see students who are down and out, disappointed, dejected and having low self esteem being slowly transformed into adults with greater self-confidence, better self-esteem and who feel and know that there's a bright future ahead of them beyond the academic years in school.
That, in my humble opinion, is something money cannot buy.

Money Cannot Buy

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