O-Level Physics Tuition Students’ Results & Testimonials

Every year, 2 out of 3 of my students got a Distinction for their O-Level Physics paper.
If you are looking for a good Physics tutor in Singapore, read what my appreciative students and their parents have to say about my Physics home tuition:

From Failing Physics to A1

Singapore Physics Tutor with A1 Student Sherry Tan
What brought my daughter, Sherry to be under Mr Gideon Goh’s care is like a grandmother’s story. She did badly for Physics in
Secondary 3. In fact, she failed.

We fully understand that from failing to scoring a distinction in Physics within a year is definitely not an easy feat. It became an
impossible task when there was completely no interest in Physics on part of Sherry. We were not hoping for a miracle. We just
wanted to see Sherry pass Physics in O levels.

The first two months that Sherry attended Mr Goh’s Physics home tuition brought in surprises. Through the extra intensive lessons Mr Goh gave on top of the weekly group physics tuition, Sherry began to show interest in Physics. Her understanding towards the concepts of the subject also improved tremulously, which was noticed by both her school teacher and us.

The rest is history. Sherry scored a distinction, beyond our wildest imaginations. Thank you Mr Goh for making the impossible possible!

Yours faithfully

Connie Chua
(Mother of Sherry Tan)

Temasek Secondary School
Gideon Goh and Gladys Ong

“I Hate Physics” Student Scoring A2  

Having to constantly struggle with passing my subjects, Secondary school has never been easy for me. I have always yearned to be like the students whom are meeting their targets and bettering their scores because I was very much the complete opposite. I’ve been failing so often that it came to a point whereby I thought I was never meant for Science. I hated the subject to the core. I dreaded Science lessons and looked forward to the end of lessons. I would sleep in class and was most of the time, oblivious to what my teacher was saying. The red marks on my report slip were like stains on a white shirt, I could scrub for days and nights but they would never come off…. and in Mr Gideon Goh, I found the solution to get rid of the red marks on my slip.

He is a dedicated and humble man, who believes in instilling the love of Science; physics in particular to his students. My mom got to know about him through his website (www.singaporephysicstutor.com) and decided to contact him. Nothing has been the same ever since I started attending tuition classes conducted by Mr Goh. He gradually nurtured the love of Physics in me and from scoring F9s, I subsequently improved to a D7. During my prelims, I scored a B4 and it was only then, did I gain more confidence in myself for the upcoming O levels.

Mr Goh’s physics lessons were more than learning of the applications and theories, he would always share with us his heart warming life stories and prepare us for the real world. He constantly motivated and believed in my ability to do well. With his unwavering support along with my family’s, I eventually scored an A2 for Science. This serves as a reminder to me and to anyone else, that if you put your heart into achieving something, your efforts will pay off.

Lastly, he has always stood firm by his beliefs; I remember on this particular day when he wished me luck for my test, and I replied with little confidence, “I will try my best.” His reply? “Do or do not, there is no try. -Yoda” Up till now, this quote is deeply etched in my mind. Life is filled with endless possibilities and I am thankful that I met a Physics tutor like Mr Gideon Goh in Singapore; who believed in me right from the very start until the end. Thank you Mr Goh🙂.
 Gladys Ong
 Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School
Gideon Goh and Justin Ong

Mr Gideon Goh Is A Great Guy

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that my O-Level Physics result is an A2. It is definitely surprising since my prelims was only a C5; so I didn’t expect to earn a distinction.

My great improvement can only come from my hard work guided by Mr Gideon Goh. Mr Goh has a one of a kind teaching methodology that ensures you comprehend the various Physics concepts well. He uses funny analogies for explanations and prepares challenging questions that guarantees a fruitful and enjoyable lesson.

I wish to thank Mr Goh for all his patience and for believing in me. He has not only taught me Physics but also how to lead my life more effectively. I am proud to have worked with Mr Goh.

GG – Gideon Goh aka Great Guy

Note : Justin’s sister Jesslin joined my Physics tuition class 2 years later. She studied under my coaching for her Sec 3 and Sec 4, and obtained an A2 for her Science.
 Justin Ong Jia Yi
 Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Another Distinction For Cedar Girls Sec School

Before attending Mr Goh’s physics classes, I was unable to fully understand Physics concepts and did not like the subject. Therefore, I have always performed poorly in Physics, getting C5s or C6s for my Physics examinations.

However, Mr Goh helped to clear my misconceptions about Physics and allowed me to learn about the subject in depth. Also, Mr Goh uses engaging teaching methods such as experiments to make learning fun and increased my interest in Physics.

When the O-Level Physics examination was nearing, he also motivated the class and helped me to gain confidence in myself for the upcoming examination. Thanks to his guidance and help, I was able to improve tremendously and achieve an A2 for Physics in the O level examinations. Thank you so much Mr Goh!
 Ng Yu Ling
 Cedar Girls Secondary School

Kind Words of Appreciation From Mummy

I was worried for my daughter’s Physics grades in school as she did not show interest in the subject and was not performing well. However, within 6 months of lessons with Mr Gideon Goh, she was able to fully understand physics concepts and I could see her improvement. I really appreciate the way in which you helped my daughter learn Physics which was one of the subjects she dreaded. Through your interesting and helpful lessons, she has improved tremendously in this short period of time and achieved an A2 in the O level Physics examinations. Once again, thank you so much Mr Goh for teaching my daughter.
 Yvonne Ng (Mother of Ng Yu Ling)
Distinction Student Stella with Gideon Goh Singapore Physics Tutor

From C5 to A2 and a Hamper of Appreciation

I’ve attended Mr. Gideon Goh’s class for only a short period of time. My grades improved tremendously, from a C5 to an A2 in the 2012 GCE ‘O’ Levels. Most importantly, he shared numerous shortcuts and techniques for Physics and gave explanations that are easy to understand. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone who’s having difficulties in doing O-level Physics. Thank you Mr. Goh for your guidance and dedication.   
 Stella Pong
 Anglican High Secondary School
Singapore Physics Tutor with Distinction Students Nurul, Sabrina and Yasmin

3 Good Friends, 3 O-Level Distinctions

Mr. Goh has helped me make TREMENDOUS improvements in physics! I remember the first time when I came in for his lessons in Sec 4, I had neither confidence nor interest in physics because I failed all my physics exams in Sec 3, getting D7s. I was also determined to change from pure physics to combined science in Sec 4. However, after being in Mr. Goh’s class for about 2 months, I managed to get an A1 for my first pure physics diagnostics test ! (scroll further down to see Nurul’s mum’s testimonial) Since then, I have never failed any physics exams and finally got my A2 for pure physics at the O Levels. Mr. Goh has really helped me gain a lot of confidence with his motivating words every lesson and with that, I managed to gain interest in doing physics too. Currently, I am considering to continue with H2 Physics in JC. THANK YOU MR. GOH!
 Cedar Girls' Secondary School

From D7 to A1 in 2 Months

Nurul was getting D7 for her Physics before she knew you. After attending your Physics group tuition for only 2 months, she got an A1 for her latest Physics test. She told me about it and I’m very happy. She is very motivated now after attending your class and when she comes home after your tuition, I can see that she’s very happy and confident. I really appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you very much.
 Mdm Marsila (Mother of Nurul)
 Cedar Girls' Secondary School

4 Friends = 2 A1s, 1 A2 and 1 B3

I was barely a B student when I came to Mr. Gideon Goh. But within a short period of 2 months of physics tuition with Mr. Goh, I started to understand much more about Physics. Under Mr. Goh’s guidance, Physics became easier and scoring an A1 was not that tough anymore. I have achieved an A1 in the 2012 O-levels in Physics with his guidance.
 Lim Wei Xun
 Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School
Serangoon Garden Secondary School Student Physics Testimonial

Comb Science Boy Went From F9 to A2 in 1 Month

AWE-INSPIRING! This is how I would have described Mr. Gideon Goh. Unlike many other Physics teachers, he is able to explain every logic behind each formula with his infinite innovative, real-life demonstrations. For example, a floating toy car or a dollar coin to explain what exactly is inertia! On top of that, he is able to decipher “Refractive Index” for confused students like us, as most Physics teachers will refer to it as a mere “NUMBER”, which is of course not true! In terms of computer language, Mr. Goh is like a COMPRESSOR; he’s able to convert major topics like “Magnetism” or “Light” into 4 simple page notes and the result is evident. The evidence of his ability ? Within a month, my grades went from … School Prelim 2 : F9 for Physics 2012 GCE ‘O’ Level : A2 for Comb. Sc. Thank you Mr. Goh
 Chua Wee Seng
 Serangoon Garden Secondary School

“I Just Could Not Believe It!”

My daughter initially thought that she would be able to manage her Physics subject without any tuition. She tried hard but at the end of Sec.3, her C5 result had caused me to be worried and I told her that she should get help from a Physics tuition teacher. She was hesitant because she had bad experiences with class at tuition centre where the teacher usually cannot address her needs due to the large group of students. So I suggested private tuition. She agreed.

Now I am faced with a problem. I heard many stories of challenging and bad experiences looking for private tutor via a third party. But no one that I knew had any recommendation for a private Physics tutor. Left with no choice I searched the internet, googled and started calling tutor by tutor, although I did not like the idea of doing it this way because to me it is like a gamble or trying my luck, which I do not believe.

The searches were challenging due to limited number of Physics home tutors available as compared to Maths or Chemistry tutors.

Then I bumped into Mr. Gideon Goh’s site. The first thing that I noticed was his long testimony of his teaching career and his photograph. These 2 things allowed me to know more about his personality as a teacher. Of course anyone could write anything. So I called him and talked and asked many things and felt that I should let my daughter have one trial lesson before really committing a decision.

After the trial lesson, I asked my daughter her feedback and surprisingly, she said she liked the way Mr. Goh taught as it allowed her to understand many things that her school teacher did not explained. She told me that she would like to continue the physics home tuition with Mr. Goh but as she was a shy person she told me she would prefer the lesson within a group and not one to one. Thankfully, a few more Sec.4 students joined in the group but Mr. Goh kept the group small so that it was very conducive for lesson. She started her tuition in Dec’11 and by April’12, Sec.4 first term, I saw her grade improved although it was not dramatically.

Still I am grateful as I know she was weak in her Physics and I would be quite satisfied if she just passed the subject. Meanwhile, Mr. Goh continued motivating her to study harder and evoke her understanding of the concepts. He would always open his door for my daughter or any of his students who need to come earlier when they need extra clarifications.

Each time the lesson over, my daughter always gave me a very positive feedback about her physics home tuition, be it the lesson or how she interact with the other students. Mr. Goh was such a dedicated teacher and would not hesitate to coach the group extra lessons when the O level exam is approaching. He was really motivated by his love for teaching and wanted his students to be successful.

I knew my daughter’s Physics grade has improved even before her O-level result was released. But when she told me she got A2 for her Physics, I just could not believe it! I kept reminding her that she could not achieve it without Mr. Goh’s coaching. She said she knew it and I am glad that she has personally expressed her gratitude to him.

I certainly was glad that I made the right decision in engaging Mr. Gideon Goh as my daughter’s tutor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a Physics tutor’s help.

Thank You , Mr. Goh.
 Lily Soon (Mother of Sarah Soon)

“I Just Could Not Believe It Part 2!”

Before I came to Mr. Gideon Goh for desperate help in Physics, I was ready to disregard Physics and just cross my fingers, hoping that I’d miraculously pass it for every test and examination. However, since going to Mr. Goh for private physics tuition, my grades have definitely improved by leaps and bounds. More importantly, Mr. Goh teaches in a way that cultivates passion in me for Physics. He ensures that I understand the basic concepts before moving on, and is always willing to sacrifice time before/after lesson to provide extra help for me. It is without doubt that I owe my A2 for Physics to Mr. Goh ? Thank You , Mr. Goh!
 Sarah Soon
 Xinmin Secondary School

IP Student Gets A1

Ever since I started Pure Physics in Secondary Three, I had trouble grasping the key concepts of the subject and many a time resorted to guessing answers during the examinations. I usually averaged around a B3-B4 grade. However, after joining Mr. Gideon Goh’s classes in April when I was in Secondary Four, my knowledge of and interest in the subject has steadily increased. Not only is Mr. Goh a good teacher, he also presents the key concepts in a unique way, which makes learning all the more fun. Thanks to all his effort and help, I was so happy to achieve an A1 for my end of year examinations, while clearly understanding the content I needed to know. Trust in Mr. Goh and all roads lead to an A1 !
 Jothinandan Pillay
 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Clearer Physics Understanding

Hi Mr. Goh, your June 2012 Holidays Intensive Revision course has helped me greatly. It gave me a headstart and cleared my doubts, especially Kinematics. Your notes are a great revision guide. Thank you very much
 Colin Tan
 Tanjong Katong Sec School(Sec 3)

Fun and Engaging Teaching Style Helped Her Get A2

Mr. Gideon Goh is a very fun and engaging teacher. His explanation and approach towards Physics is refreshing and easy to understand. Before his tuition, I hated Physics and seriously doubted if I could pass Physics. I appreciate his help and have learned to appreciate Physics. Thank you so much.
 Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Detailed Lively Lessons Get Him The A2

Hi Mr. Goh, I have benefited tremendously from your interesting and enjoyable lessons. The detailed explanations that you provide have helped me to understand certain Physics concept better. Through your lively lessons, I have developed a keen interest in this subject. With your help, I managed to get an A2 for my “O” level pure Physics exam. You are a really wonderful tutor. Thank you.
 Lum Jin Xuan
 Kranji Secondary School