O-Level Physics Tuition Students’ Results & Testimonials

Every year, 2 out of 3 of my students got a Distinction for their O-Level Physics paper.
If you are looking for a good Physics tutor in Singapore, read what my appreciative students and their parents have to say about my Physics home tuition:

From Failing Physics to A1

Singapore Physics Tutor with A1 Student Sherry Tan
What brought my daughter, Sherry to be under Mr Gideon Goh’s care is like a grandmother’s story. She did badly for Physics in
Secondary 3. In fact, she failed.

We fully understand that from failing to scoring a distinction in Physics within a year is definitely not an easy feat. It became an
impossible task when there was completely no interest in Physics on part of Sherry. We were not hoping for a miracle. We just
wanted to see Sherry pass Physics in O levels.

The first two months that Sherry attended Mr Goh’s Physics home tuition brought in surprises. Through the extra intensive lessons Mr Goh gave on top of the weekly group physics tuition, Sherry began to show interest in Physics. Her understanding towards the concepts of the subject also improved tremulously, which was noticed by both her school teacher and us.

The rest is history. Sherry scored a distinction, beyond our wildest imaginations. Thank you Mr Goh for making the impossible possible!

Yours faithfully

Connie Chua
(Mother of Sherry Tan)

Temasek Secondary School

You Make Physics Concepts Easy To Understand

I find that your explanations are easy to understand and you also tend to reinforce important concepts which I find is great as I am not the kind of student who can grasp something in an instant. I am looking forward to future lessons with you. Thank you.
 Cedar Girls' Secondary School

You Have Been An Awesome Teacher

You have been an awesome teacher. Your teaching style is very different from the other teachers. It was fun, and lessons were very interesting. Sharing of personal experiences and hands-on demonstrations helped to engage me better during your lessons. You have made a somewhat ‘boring’ subject into a lively one with your words and actions.

I’m very thankful for all the help you gave me.
 Chong Wei Yun
 St Hilda's Secondary School

From B4 To A1 in 3 Lessons!

I got to know Mr. Gideon Goh from my good friend Jia Ru (see Jia Ru’s testimonial below). Before I got to know Mr. Goh, I got a B4 for my school’s Prelim 2 exams. I only had 3 tuition sessions with Mr. Goh and my O-level Pure Physics result was an A1.

Thank you Mr. Goh for helping me attain the A1 for my Physics.
 Nicolas Kow
 Maris Stella High

The Nicolas Kow Story

Just after ONE lesson of Physics tuition with Mr. Gideon Goh, I can already hear from my son the vital benefits of the tuition. He complained why hasn’t he known Mr. Goh earlier. In addition, I felt that my son had seen the light in Physics, not only as an exam-based subject, but how things worked in real life and how important Physics is in our daily living. Moreover, my son reassured me that his understanding for Physics is now so much stronger and clearer, after the few lessons with Mr. Goh. Thank you Mr. Goh for helping my son in attaining the A1 for O-level Physics, and for arousing his interest in this subject.
 Mrs Kow (Mother of Nicolas Kow)

From C6 To A2 In 4 Lessons

My mum got to know Mr. Gideon Goh giving Physics tuition from her search on the internet. I was getting C6 for my school’s Prelims 1 exams. After 4 lessons with Mr. Goh, I achieved A2 for my school’s Prelims 2 exams. In all, I only had 8 lessons with Mr. Gideon Goh before the O-levels. I got an A2 for my Pure Physics at the O-levels. Thank you Mr. Goh for your guidance and for helping me understand Physics better. I am now more confident to take on Physics in my higher education.
 Toh Jia Ru
 Chung Cheng High (Main)

The Toh Jia Ru Story

My son showed little interest in Physics and placed his focus on other subjects. After a few lessons with Mr. Goh, he began to understand Physics better and even grew to love the subject. His Physics grade improved dramatically as shown in his school prelims. Thank you, Mr. Gideon Goh, for coaching my son Physics !
 Mrs Toh (Mother of Toh Jia Ru)

From C5 To A1 In 2 Lessons

Good morning Gideon, after 2 lessons with you, Mandy had a Physics mock exam on 31st August 2011. It was the 2010 O-level Physics paper and she scored A1 for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Thank you for helping Mandy to clear her doubts on this subject. Before knowing you, she got C5 for her Prelims 2. Have a great weekend. Thank you once again !
 Regina (Mother of Mandy)
 Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Breaking The A-Grade Barrier

Among the many subjects that I took for my O-levels, Physics was the one subject that seemed to have an invisible barrier preventing me from getting an A-grade. That was until I engaged the services of Mr. Gideon Goh as my personal Physics tutor.

My mum found Mr. Goh through the Internet at his website www.SingaporePhysicsTutor.com in early July 2010. In the short span of the few months that Mr. Goh tutored me, I found that I understood the concepts behind the various Physics laws and principles more clearly. Mr. Goh is very detailed and diligent in explaining the Physics concepts to me, ensuring that I understood them well so that when it comes to applying them to the O-level questions, I will be able to solve them correctly and confidently.

I would like to thank Mr. Goh for helping me “break” the invisible barrier that has prevented me from getting an A-grade for my Physics. I managed to get an A1 for my school’s prelims and an A2 for the GCE 2010 O-level Physics paper. I wish Mr. Goh great success in his quest to help students in Singapore to do well for their O-level Physics. 
 Sarah Swee
 Crescent Girls' Secondary School