O-Level Physics Tuition Students’ Results & Testimonials

Every year, 2 out of 3 of my students got a Distinction for their O-Level Physics paper.
If you are looking for a good Physics tutor in Singapore, read what my appreciative students and their parents have to say about my Physics home tuition:

From Failing Physics to A1

Singapore Physics Tutor with A1 Student Sherry Tan
What brought my daughter, Sherry to be under Mr Gideon Goh’s care is like a grandmother’s story. She did badly for Physics in
Secondary 3. In fact, she failed.

We fully understand that from failing to scoring a distinction in Physics within a year is definitely not an easy feat. It became an
impossible task when there was completely no interest in Physics on part of Sherry. We were not hoping for a miracle. We just
wanted to see Sherry pass Physics in O levels.

The first two months that Sherry attended Mr Goh’s Physics home tuition brought in surprises. Through the extra intensive lessons Mr Goh gave on top of the weekly group physics tuition, Sherry began to show interest in Physics. Her understanding towards the concepts of the subject also improved tremulously, which was noticed by both her school teacher and us.

The rest is history. Sherry scored a distinction, beyond our wildest imaginations. Thank you Mr Goh for making the impossible possible!

Yours faithfully

Connie Chua
(Mother of Sherry Tan)

Temasek Secondary School
Singapore Physics Tutor coaching Kin Hawk to achieve A1

The A1 Barrier is Finally Broken

I started studying under Mr Gideon Goh in the first quarter of 2016 where I would continue to learn Pure Physics until my O level examinations. Mr Goh is an engaging and respectful teacher with past experiences teaching with MOE and being an electrical engineer, will without a problem answer any question that you may have regarding the physics syllabus for O levels. Mr Goh does an excellent job at explaining, relaying key points and further elaborating on the topic so as to guarantee deep understanding into the topic at hand. He will not hesitate to answer any of your questions so do feel free to ask, he is also willing to handle your questions outside of class via Messaging in case you are in dire need of last minute pointers before your tests. Besides being an excellent teacher he is a responsible adult and will ensure a proper and conducive learning environment for all his students. He is supportive and will give advice should you need any. He has never failed to keep the class interesting and I always look forward to his classes on the weekend, and if possible I’d attend extra classes during the weekdays Mr Goh has helped me in achieving an A1 for my Pure physics O level examination when previously I would score B3’s or a low A2. Without his guidance and teachings I would not have been able to score an A1 for my O’s. I graduated from Changkat Changi Secondary School in 2016 with a raw L1R5 score of 9 points and now currently studying in Temasek Junior College Science Stream. I highly recommend Mr Goh as your go to physics tutor in Singapore as he will make the subject that much more interesting and fun for you.
 Chan Kin Hawk
 Changkat Changi Secondary School
Singapore Physics Tutor coaching Gwynna Liew to achieve A2

From D7 to A2

Physics, to me, was a subject that I dislike and had no confidence in as I have always been failing in tests and examinations no matter how much hard work I put in.

However, after joining Mr Gideon Goh’s lessons, which was very detailed and easy to understand, I started to like the subject better and was able to easily apply the concepts. Not only does he tries his best to make the lesson interesting and fun by letting us try hands on, he also ensures that we fully understand the topic before moving on. Moreover, he also encourages us to come earlier during examination periods so as to clarify all our doubts.

Joining his home tuition with a D7, Mr Goh slowly helped me to gain confidence in the subject and eventually I attained a A2, a grade I never dreamt of getting in the ‘O’ level. I have never regretted joining Mr Goh’s physics home tuition and it was through his help and guidance that I was able to achieve it! Thank you Mr Goh for all the time and effort you put into teaching me!! I really appreciate it 🙂
 Gwynna Liew
 Temasek Secondary School

2 Children Under Gideon Goh’s Tutoring = 2 Distinctions

My 2 children, Justin (2013) and Jesslin (2016), had Physics tuition with Mr Gideon Goh when they were in Secondary 3 and 4. We had a good experience with Mr Goh. Mr Goh has delivered good results as he has helped both my children to score A2 in their respective O levels. Mr Goh is responsive to provide feedback on the student’s progress. He also shared his opinions when we are in doubt on some decision that we had to make. He answered our queries and clarified doubts that we may have from time to time. I would definitely recommend Mr Goh to anyone seeking private O-level Physics tuition in Singapore.
 Kevin Ong(Father of Justin(2013) and Jesslin(2016)
Singapore Physics Tutor coaching Nathaniel Yoong to achieve A2

From E8 to A2 is a Breeze

Ever since secondary 3, my pure physics grades were hovering between E8 to C5. Due to the poor results I had, I dreaded physics more than any other subject. I had found concepts difficult to understand. However, from April of 2015, I was introduced to Mr Gideon Goh’s tuition by my parent’s friend. That began the journey to success.

Mr Goh had gone through every single topic I needed help, and with his explanations, it was very easy and logical to understand things more.  

With Mr Goh’s encouragement and urge to practice on exam papers, I found positive change in my results and later my attitude towards physics. In a span of less than 2 months, my physics grades had improved to a B4 and later in the prelims B3. Finally the A2 distinction came in O levels!

In my opinion, Mr Gideon Goh is more than a private O-level Physics tutor; he was an inspirer who gave me the passion to do physics diligently and guided me in my life greatly. Truly one of the nicest physics tutors in Singapore I had been with!
 Nathaniel Yoong
 St Hilda's Secondary School
Singapore Physics Tutor Gideon Goh and Matthias

From D7 to A2 Is Not An Impossibility

I would like to express my heartfelt THANK YOU to Mr. Gideon Goh for his concerted effort and diligent coaching to my son Matthias.

My son has been getting C6 /D7 for his Physics in Sec 3. After taking private physics tuition with Mr. Goh in early last year, he has showed tremendous improvement from D7 to B3 in his Sec 4 prelim. When the result for O level results was released, we are so happy that he got A2 for the Physics. Just within a year he showed tremendous improvement.

Thank you again Mr. Goh. We wish you great success in your teaching and we will definitely recommend your private Physics tuition should anyone requires your help.
 Mary Lim(Mother of Matthias Sim)
 Pasir Ris Secondary School

Distinction Grade & a Friendship Beyond the Days of Home Tuition

Mr Goh has helped in many ways during his lessons. In physics, he has clearly shown strong knowledge of the subject, in addition to the other many topics he covers. He not only teaches us to look within the boundaries of our syllabuses but also to look out of it, often explaining concepts no longer taught in the current syllabus. He is very willing to devote more attention and time on weaker students, drilling concepts with interesting and entertaining ways. Most of us students not only have a laugh (not aloud but in our heads, since some are trying to absorb information) but also able to understand the concepts clearly 1st time.

He never shuns upon a student in need. He goes the extra mile as to provide extra free lessons on days he is free – given that arrangements are made beforehand – as an extra benefit in addition to the paid lessons.

He is still young at heart, having a strong will and burning passion even though he has aged quite a bit. He is confident, but knows his limits. Furthermore, he has humility, and would still learn with us things he never knew. He respects students, and he is very keen to impart knowledge to those who wish to learn from him.

From my perspective, his outlooks and demeanor has further taught me not to judge people just by appearances. He never dresses formally (like other tutors who wish to invoke a sense of professionalism), preferring to dress casually. He never use technology to teach, rather, approaching a more old-fashion sense of using the whiteboard and marker to draw and explain concepts. This subtle approach by him has achieved many results, with my classmates and me scoring nothing less than a B3. Personally I believe that it is clearer to absorb information and visualize the idea he wishes to convey to the students.

His effort and devotion has helped me achieved an A2 grade in O-Levels. Though I am satisfied with my current grade, his teachings has made me realize that the grade I have is never perfect. He has that aura of determination and motivation to drive students onward in pursuing excellence when he teaches.

Over time, I have opened more of my eyes into seeing the adult world, and discovering what I know is just a mere fraction of the world’s knowledge. Thus A grades are never enough with a test or examination. After all, this world is a vast library of knowledge and wisdom, and I personally believe, after meeting Mr Gideon Goh, that one of the goals of life would be to seek out this said knowledge and wisdom.

Note : Isaac Tan continued one-to-one mentoring and coaching with me for his entire 3-year polytechnic course in Engineering Science. He scored A grades, A+ grades and A(Distinction) grades for all his subject modules in the polytechnic. His sister, Xavierlyn Tan, was also a student of mine and she also got an A2 for her O-Level Physics in 2013. Her testimonial can also be found on this webpage.
 Isaac Tan
 Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

From C5 To A2 After 3 Months of Physics Home Tuition

Ever since I went to Mr Gideon Goh for physics home tuition, my grades kept improving. I was getting C5 for my physics, even until my first prelim.

It was just around 2-3 months before O levels, when I visited Mr Goh. He helped me achieve A1 for my second prelim and eventually A2 for my O-Levels!

Mr Gideon Goh has helped me greatly and his class is always super fun and enriching! He taught me shortcuts that were very applicable and saved me a lot of time during the exam. He also gave me a deeper understanding by emphasizing a lot on the fundamentals. Sometimes he will teach us other out of syllabus stuff that makes the lesson even more interesting.

Go to Mr Goh when in doubt!
 Christabel Halim

A Mother’s Thank You Note

My daughter has been getting C5/C6 for Physics since Sec Three. After getting C5 for 1st prelim exam, I started to get worried. I managed to find Mr Gideon Goh online through google and read some of his testimonials.

We lived in Bukit Batok and had to travel all the way to the “end of the world”- Pasir Ris for lesson. However, our efforts did not go to waste when my daughter achieved A1 for Physics in her second prelim exams.

Eventually, she managed to get A2 for her O levels. Within a short 3 months of physics home tuition, Mr Goh was able to produce effective results. I would highly recommend this teacher to other parents.
 Tze Mee(Moher of Christabel Halim)

Another Kind Word of Gratitude From The Parents

Dear Gideon,

Thank God and thank you Gideon for guiding Joshua (our son) into achieving a good result for his O-Level Physics.

When Joshua received his results at the end of secondary 3, we were worried because he had only managed to secure a C6 for Physics. We prayed and chanced upon Gideon Goh’s website. We contacted Gideon and decided to engage his tutorial service.

Joshua had just received his O-Level result and we are joyful that Joshua managed to secure a B3 for Physics.

With Gideon’s teaching method that goes beyond just understanding the text, he has helped to stimulate Joshua’s thinking process, Joshua now has a better grasp in Physics that he is confident to pursue Physics for his A-Level education.

We are grateful to Gideon for his guidance, not just in Joshua academia but also his mentoring of life experiences.

We highly recommend Gideon Goh to any parents or students who needs help. Thank you once again, Gideon.

Shalom & God bless,
 Matthew and Diana Soh(Parents of Joshua Soh)

A Very Responsible And Committed Physics Home Tutor

Mr Gideon Goh is a very responsible and committed teacher. Under the guidance of Mr Goh, I was able to grasp Physics better. When I was stuck while solving physics problem, he would check through all workings thoroughly to identify and correct my mistakes. His explanations was clear and simple to understand.

Mr Goh is a meticulous tutor who understands the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student and was able to provide coaching and guidance in the most beneficial way.

He is also a caring tutor who shows concern about the student’s welfare. He was always willing to put in extra effort and time to help whenever I had difficulty, even if it was outside the official home tuition lesson timing.

After being with Mr Goh for a year, my Physics grade improved from a C6 to B3.

Thank you, Mr Goh!
 Rachel Neo
 Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Sweet Victory From D7 to A2  

Before I joined Mr Gideon Goh’s lessons, I had always been failing Physics. My grades were at a constant D7, nothing more or less. Despite listening to lessons in class, I found it difficult to grasp basic concepts just by listening, confusing me even more than before. I was not scientifically inclined and I decided to give up on understanding Physics. Memorising seemed to be the best way to tackle Physics and that was my very approach towards this very subject.

At the end of Secondary 3, I had once again, gotten a D7. My worried mother immediately suggested I changed my tutor. Looking upon my results throughout the year, I decided that I indeed needed a change after all. I switched to Mr Goh’s weekly lesson during the year end holidays.

Mr Goh’s classes were different from that of schools’. Unlike in school where the teachers had to cater to 40 students, Mr Goh’s classes had less than 8 students which made it easier for him to pick out your weak points and tell you where to improve on. His lessons were refreshing as instead of encouraging students to memorise like my school teachers did then, he explained everything in detail, repeating numerous times when you fail to grasp the first few times.

He also offered free consultations nearing to exam dates to revise old topics. For the first time, I actually thought Physics was an interesting subject. I started to work hard for it, purchasing assessment books for further practice. My test grades rose to a B3-B4 grade and I had a deeper understanding of what I was learning.

In addition, lessons are also not all about academic based. Mr Goh would sometimes teach us 21st century skills which were essential in today’s world, as well as narrate life stories with value. This further made lessons interesting as I learnt something beyond what was written in textbooks.

Eventually, during my O Levels, I obtained an A2 grade for my Physics. This was all thanks to Mr Goh’s dedication and guidance throughout the year of lessons with him!

Thank you Mr Goh for your guidance! All the best in your quest to help students ace their O-Level Physics!

  Note : Xavierlyn’s brother Isaac Tan joined my Physics tuition class the following year and he obtained an A2 in the O-levels. Isaac Tan continued having one-to-one private coaching with me for his entire 3-year Engineering Science course at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
 Xavierlyn Tan
 Temasek Secondary School

A Transformed Attitude Towards Learning & Towards Life  

Mr. Goh’s physics tuition lessons have definitely helped me to improve not only my physics grades, but also in other subjects. Not only is Mr. Goh very knowledgeable on what he is teaching, he is also able to pass down that very knowledge in a very clear and concise, easy-to-understand manner.

Apart from his profound knowledge in physics, Mr. Goh also possess an infectious, positive and confident attitude, which has positively affected how I perceive problems I faced along my journey in Secondary School education. His never-say-die attitude has motivated me to become a better learner, as I felt more confident of myself and dared to make mistakes in a bid to learn. These life skills have helped me become a better learner, thus enabling me to score well in my other subjects too.

His charismatic character, coupled with his expertise in physics makes him a very good tuition teacher. An experienced tutor, Mr. Goh is often able to point out common mistakes and misconceptions that students (sometimes even teachers!) make, and can correct them in a jiffy.

In addition, as Mr. Goh was an engineer, he is able to effortlessly combine what students learnt with real-world mechanisms and phenomena, captivating the interests of his students by helping them understand that everything they learn is relevant, real and applicable in real life. Together with Mr. Goh’s guidance, I was able to improve from my C5 grade I had attained in the school examinations to an A2 distinction in the final O-Level Examinations.

Thank you Mr. Goh!
 Bryan Tan
 Anglican High School
Gideon Goh with Zhi Xian

An Inspirational Physics Tutor

Mr Goh has always been a very encouraging and inspirational physics tuition teacher. Not only are his lessons fun and clear, he has a lot of patience and will revise certain chapters or concepts if you’re not familiar with them.

His lessons are one of the few that I think a student would enjoy more as compared to other tuition teachers. His lessons have helped me in the improvement of my physics tremendously from a C6 to B3. I’ve realized that through his lessons, I’ve became a better student in terms of my attitude towards learning. I’ve to admit that I truly enjoyed his physics lessons and by far, he is the best physics tuition teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you Mr Goh.
 Lim Zhi Xian
 Green View Secondary School
Gideon Goh with Gigi

A Wonderful Teacher, Mentor And Friend

Mr Goh has been a wonderful teacher for the past 2 years that he has taught me physics. He is not just a teacher but also, a friend and a mentor. He devotes his time to his students and always try his best to clarify his students’ doubts. He gives his all in ensuring that students reach their highest potential in physics. During the days nearing the O Levels, he held extra lessons and tried to help his students who are living around the Pasir Ris neighbourhood whenever he is free. His lessons are very engaging and I highly enjoyed attending them.

 I always find myself looking forward to Mr Goh’s Physics tuition on every Saturday.

Thank you Mr Goh for guiding me towards my O levels
 Gigi Ong

A Mother’s Thankful Testimonial

Gideon has helped my son, Nat, improve in Physics amazingly over the past 2 years under his tutorship.

Nat’s come a long way from initially failing Physics in Sec 2 to achieving an A2 grade for his ‘O’ Level.

Gideon’s guidance and effective teaching method has helped Nat to grasp the subject much better. When a lot is riding on ‘O’ level results, you have to be sure that the final outcome will be successful and thus I can’t thank Gideon enough for assisting us in getting where Nat is today.
 Jackie Cho(Mother of Nathanael Koh)
 St.Hilda's Secondary School