O-Level Physics Tuition Students’ Results & Testimonials

Every year, 2 out of 3 of my students got a Distinction for their O-Level Physics paper.
If you are looking for a good Physics tutor in Singapore, read what my appreciative students and their parents have to say about my Physics home tuition:

From Failing Physics to A1

Singapore Physics Tutor with A1 Student Sherry Tan
What brought my daughter, Sherry to be under Mr Gideon Goh’s care is like a grandmother’s story. She did badly for Physics in
Secondary 3. In fact, she failed.

We fully understand that from failing to scoring a distinction in Physics within a year is definitely not an easy feat. It became an
impossible task when there was completely no interest in Physics on part of Sherry. We were not hoping for a miracle. We just
wanted to see Sherry pass Physics in O levels.

The first two months that Sherry attended Mr Goh’s Physics home tuition brought in surprises. Through the extra intensive lessons Mr Goh gave on top of the weekly group physics tuition, Sherry began to show interest in Physics. Her understanding towards the concepts of the subject also improved tremulously, which was noticed by both her school teacher and us.

The rest is history. Sherry scored a distinction, beyond our wildest imaginations. Thank you Mr Goh for making the impossible possible!

Yours faithfully

Connie Chua
(Mother of Sherry Tan)

Temasek Secondary School

From C to A

Dear Mr Gideon Goh,

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation and commendation for your exceptional teaching and dedication to the education of my daughter, Beth. Her experience with your tutoring services has been nothing short of remarkable.

When Beth was struggling with her Physics grades, we were fortunate to find you through an online search. Your willingness to provide a tailored program to identify and address her weak areas was instrumental in her remarkable turnaround. In just two months leading up to her End-of-Year exam, you managed to help her achieve an impressive A1 grade, which was a significant improvement from her previous C grade.

Your teaching method and the individualized attention you provided not only helped Beth succeed academically but also instilled confidence in her learning abilities. Your commitment to her education did not go unnoticed, and for that, we are truly grateful. In light of Beth's success under your guidance, I have decided to enroll my younger daughter with you as she progresses to her Sec 4 IP. Your proven track record and dedication to excellence in teaching make you the ideal choice for her continued education. Once again, thank you, Mr. Gideon Goh, for your outstanding contributions to my daughter's academic journey. We look forward to the continued positive impact you will have on our family's educational pursuits. Best regards, Cindy Lee
 Mrs Cindy Teo (mother)
 Singapore Chinese Girls School.

From Self Doubt To A2

I joined Mr. Gideon Goh in early November, 1 year before my O-Level Examinations. Like all students entering a new class, I was worried. My physics was of a passing grade during the time I enrolled and I did not wish to look or discuss it. I have always had a passion for Mathematics and Physics and seeing a C6 on my Physics paper made me question my capabilities. However, once I joined Mr. Gideon Goh’s class, everything changed. It kick started a period of time where I always looked forward to learning from him even to this day.

Mr. Gideon Goh is unlike other teachers you see in school and I can say that with 100% certainty. The amount of passion he has for physics is through the roof and is what I have seen in his teaching since Day 1. With real life experiences in the engineering sector, he always applies what we have learnt in our lessons into our daily lives, ranging from house appliances to huge refineries. He will explain everything clearly and clear up any misunderstandings in a way unseen from many other teachers. Each time, I will finish the lesson feeling a sense of euphoria because of how much I am able to learn and understand without feeling mentally drained.

In the end, I was able to turn a C6 last year to an A2 in my O-levels. Although it is not a high distinction, the amount of knowledge I have gained in the real world from him is nothing compared to grades on a piece of paper.

To Mr. Gideon Goh, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this 1+ year. You made me realise that physics is way more fun than what I have imagined. I sincerely hope that you will continue to inspire other students for many years to come and change their perspective like how you did for me. Thank you so much
 Teo Zhe Kai
 Kent Ridge Secondary School
From C6 to A2 in O-Level Physics in 6 months

From C6 to A2 In 6 Months

I would like to thank you for making the impossible to possible, within a span of 6 months, you bring Amos grade from C6 to A2. You are excellent! Thanks once again for Amos Ng excellent GCE O Level 2018 result, and he will be definitely able to enter his VJC with the 4 points. Thank you.
 Krisline Teo(Mother of Amos Ng)
 Victoria Secondary School
Singapore Top O Level Physics Tutor with A2 Student Maryanne

From Doing Badly to A2

I joined Mr Goh’s class during secondary 3 as I was doing very badly for physics. I had been getting Cs and could not understand the concepts fully. However, after Mr Goh patiently clarified all my misconceptions and doubts he has helped me attain an A2 for my O levels.
 Maryanne Lee
 Tanjong Katong Girls School

Grateful Mum’s Thank You Note

Thank you Mr Goh for your dedication, patience and encouragement. My daughter was discouraged by her poor grades despite trying to study Physics. She even wanted to give up Physics for her prelims but thanks to your constant guidance, clear teaching and encouragement, she persevered and came to like the subject. She could always ask you any questions or clear her doubts anytime. Her confidence in grasping Physics grew. Thank you once again Mr Goh.
 Mrs Lee(Mother of Maryanne)
Singapore Best Physics Tutor Coached Kavan Tan To Score A1

From C6 to A1 in O-Level Physics

I engaged Mr Gideon Goh’s help in November 2016 as I was struggling with my Pure Physics, obtaining a C6 in my most recent examinations at that time.

Mr Gideon Goh is a charismatic teacher and has a long history in the teaching industry. His experience in teaching allows him to have a strong grasp of the Physics content and he is able to effectively bring across his teachings such that I had unbroken knowledge of the syllabus and understood what may or may not surface in my examinations.

He yearns to see his students succeed and his dedication is evident as he goes beyond our physics tuition sessions by answering the innumerable questions I had asked him through Whatsapp over the course of the one year.

It is only through his guidance was I able to sit through my ‘O’ Level Pure Physics Examination, with confidence, in November 2017 and achieve an “A1” grade.
 Kavan Tan
 Maris Stella High
Celeste Khoo Champion O Level Physics Student Coached by Gideon Goh

Motivated By Physics Tutor To Score A1

Ever since lower secondary, I found the concepts of Physics difficult to understand and tough to apply. Therefore, I have always been failing or just passing my school Physics examinations.

However, after I have joined Mr Gideon Goh’s physics lessons, I started to understand the topics better due to Mr Goh’s detailed explanations. Mr Goh made relevant examples to enable me to visualise the problems better, thus giving me a better understanding of the topics. He also gave me a deeper understanding by emphasizing a lot on the fundamentals.

Mr Goh also often cracked jokes to make the lesson more fun and interesting, which always made me look forward to his physics lessons every week.

With Mr Goh’s constant encouragement and motivation, I saw improvements in my Physics grades, from a C6 when I first joined to an A1 in the O-level exam.

Thank you Mr Goh!
 Celeste Khoo
 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School

Appreciative Mum’s Thank You Note

My daughter has been getting C6 for Physics since Sec 3 and seeing her struggle with the subject since lower secondary, I started to get worried for her Physics grades. I found Mr Gideon Goh online and decided to send her for his lessons.

My daughter started to show a great improvement shortly after starting lessons with Mr Goh, earning a B3 in her next CA.

My daughter also enjoyed his lessons, as she told me that Mr Goh does not only focus on academics, but also stresses the importance of other 21st century values and life skills.

Eventually, she managed to get an A1 for her O-levels. Mr Goh managed to make her feel more confident in the Physics subject. I would highly recommend Mr Goh to other parents.
 Wang Cheng(Mother of Celeste Khoo)

Powerful Pedagogy Resulting in A1

Mr Gideon Goh has been a great help to Nicholas in improving his Physics capabilities from the very start. His motivational & conscientious methods have helped to build Nicholas confidence in attempting Physics questions, which he did not have before.

In addition, the engaging teaching pedagogy employed by Mr Goh was extremely effective in keeping Nicholas attention during the lesson & helping him to understand complex Physics concepts.

I am thankful to Mr Goh for his high level of commitment in helping Nicholas to attain an A1 for his GCE O-Level examination.

I wish him success in his pursuit to help & to nurture many more students in achieving their academic excellence.
 Mrs Chong(Mother of Nicholas Chong)
 St Andrew's Secondary School
Nicole Wong inspired by Singapore Best O level Physics Tutor to achieve A2

Almost Dropped Physics But Gained Confidence Under Mr Goh

I am deeply impressed by the passion, enthusiasm and knowledge demonstrated by you during the first trial lesson in 2016.

You are very patient and professional and has inspired Nicole to enjoy Physics, even though she has been asked by her Physics teacher to drop Pure Physics to do Combined Science.

Not only did you encourage her not to drop Pure Physics, you helped boost her confidence by your fun loving ways in making lessons more interesting and easier to comprehend by being able to visualise the various concepts.

Under your teaching, Nicole’s Physics grade has improved tremendously from a D7 to an A2. I am thankful to you and appreciate your professionalism, commitment and dedication. Thank you Mr Goh!
 Mrs Amanda Wong(Mother of Nicole Wong)
 St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School
Janelle Lim with Gideon Goh-Singapore Best Physics Tutor

Physics Tutor Sparked Student’s Interest in Physics

I started studying under Mr Gideon Goh before the start of my prelims exam. I have been failing my Combined Science Physics, getting a D7 or E8 before joining him. Mr Goh is a very patient and understanding teacher and I enjoyed attending his lessons. His explanations were very clear and detailed which gradually make me show more interest towards Physics !

After a few lessons with Mr Goh, my results had shown some improvement and I got a C6 during the prelims !

Nearing the O-Levels, Mr Goh would give us extra lessons ,encouraging me not to give up and he believed I would do well for my O-Levels. I finally managed to attain a B3 for Combined Science in my O-Levels, a grade that I have never obtained before !

My parents were very satisfied with my results. I am very grateful to have a teacher like Mr Gideon Goh !
 Janelle Lim
 Compassvale Secondary School
Priscilla Luah coached by trusted physics tutor to score A2

No One Explains O-Level Physics as Simply as Gideon Goh

I just graduated this year and frankly speaking, as a student who has had her lows with Physics in Sec 3,it was not easy trying to build my foundation in Sec 4.

But thanks to Mr Gideon Goh, who very patiently helped me with the questions I was uncertain of and made sure I understood the concepts, O-Level Physics became a subject where I started to excel in and thus resulted in my newfound confidence in Physics.

Hence, within a few months, I started to do much better for tests and ultimately secured an A2 for Physics in the O-Levels.

I’ve had many previous Physics tutors before Mr Goh but I don’t think anyone could explain the way he did. His methods were always simple and easy to understand and it did changed my perspective towards the subject greatly. I am extremely grateful for Mr Goh’s kind guidance during this period !
 Priscilla Luah
 Dunman Secondary School

Worried Mum Impressed with Physics Tutor Mentoring

As a parent, I was pretty worried about Priscilla’s Physics grades back in Sec 3. After chancing upon Mr Gideon Goh website, I decided to give it a try and I am truly impressed by his passion and excellent guidance.

Within a short period, Priscilla’s grades had improved tremendously and I could see her significantly enjoying the subject rather than just trying to make it through.

I’m a firm believer that her interest in O level Physics became a starting point to her improvement in the subject. She herself sings praises about Mr Goh’s teaching and as to how he has made concepts simpler to absorb and grasp and I’m thankful for Mr Goh’s guidance in sparking an initial interest in Priscilla in a subject she has been failing all these while.

I am proud to say that she had scored an eventual distinction from an initial border line grade in the O-levels Physics with the help of Mr Goh. Thank you Mr Goh.
 Jasmine(Mother of Priscilla Luah)
Rachel Ng scored A1 with tutoring from Singapore Best Physics Tutor

Engaging The Human Senses To Score A1 in Physics

Initial Grade (Lowest): C5
2017 O-Level Combined Science Grade: A1

My mother came across Mr Gideon Goh’s website in April 2017 – a time where I didn’t understand any Physics concepts my school teacher was teaching, and constantly failed my class tests. I resorted to blankly memorizing formulas and phrases, which proved to be of no help. When it seemed like I had hit rock bottom, my mother arranged for a trial lesson with Mr Goh.

His teaching style complemented my learning style perfectly. He explained complex Physics concepts with simple drawings and demonstrations. He would also break down various Physics formulas, explaining how they are derived. Most importantly, he showed and proved how Physics can be seen and used in real life.

One very good example of this is during lessons, he would bring out gears in children’s toys or basic household electrical equipment to show the practical use of Electricity and Magnetism. He would use a bulb and a magnifying glass to show the difference between a real image and a virtual image. To enhance his students’ understanding of the different topics, he appeals to the sense of touch and sight – two of the five senses schools do not usually tap into.

As a result, Mr Goh makes Physics intriguing and concepts easy to grasp. With something new to discover every lesson, I looked forward to attending his weekly classes. In addition, he kept close watch on my grades, congratulated me when I made progress, and encouraged me to strive for excellence. He always stressed this: Wherever you are, be the best that you can be.

Not only did Mr Gideon Goh make Physics an adventure for me, but also a subject that I wanted to ace. After the first few lessons with him, I scored 19/20 for an MCQ class test in school, and went on to attain distinctions for my Mid-Year and Preliminary Examinations.

I am very confident when I say that without him, I would never have been able to achieve such progress.
 Rachel Ng
 Serangoon Garden Secondary School
Singapore Best O-level Physics Tutor with Jonathan

Mum Expected B3, Son Got A1 in Physics

Thank you, Mr Gideon Goh, for arousing Jonathan’s interest in Physics. I was at my wit’s end when Jonathan scored C6 at the end of Sec 3. I was frantically looking for a physics home tutor when I chanced upon your website. I read the testimonials with interest, but was highly skeptical about the vast improvement that some students achieved.

Nonetheless, I sent Jonathan to you. I had only expected a B3 since it was less than a year to his O levels. I was very surprised when he scored A1 for his O-Level Pure Physics. Jonathan told me that he scored well because he had enjoyed your teaching. In fact, he will be taking A-level Physics in the JC. I am so thankful for making the right decision to send him to you. Thank you, Mr Goh.
 Celeste Ho(Mother of Jonathan)
 Temasek Secondary School
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